Personal Best: 01-01-10
Make 2010
a Year of Healthy Resolutions!
Help Employees Turn Over a New Leaf in the New Year!
If you employ smokers, your bottom line may be taking a hit. U.S. businesses are paying an estimated $3,391 extra per smoker per year in direct medical costs and lost productivity—a cost many employers simply cannot afford to ignore.

The New Leaf: Living without Tobacco Smoking Cessation Program can help stamp out smoking in the workplace in 2010, with targeted resources that support both the program administrator and smokers in their smoking cessation goals.

The all–digital Administrator’s Resource Tool Kit is everything you need to plan and promote a smoking cessation program in the workplace, like:
  • Step–by–step instructions on executing a successful smoking cessation program
  • Ready-made marketing materials to spread the word
  • Readiness–to–Quit Assessment to determine which employees are ready to change
  • Suggestions on best practices for creating and executing a tobacco-free workplace policy
And the Quitter’s Kit supports the employee at every step along the way. They’ll get:
  • Step-by-step guidelines to help them prepare to quit, survive withdrawal and prevent relapse
  • Friends & Family Guide to educate the smoker’s support system on helping him/her succeed
  • A tracker that helps the smoker identify and remove triggers and temptations
  • And more…

The New Leaf: Living without Tobacco Smoking Cessation Program is the make–it–easy way to promote tobacco cessation at an affordable price. Take steps now to target smoking in the New Year—because when employees quit, everyone wins.

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